How do I write articles?

To create an article on Declara:

  1. Click the green “+” icon in the top right of any page on Declara. Under the heading “Got something to say?” you will see a button that says “Start Writing”
  2. Alternatively, go to your profile page and click “(Number) Articles” on the profile navigation bar below your picture and the “Settings” button.
  3. Here you can see all articles you have written and drafts not yet completed.
  4. To write a new article click the “Start Writing” green button. This will open the Authoring Tool.
  5. From here you can create an article that you may later add to a collection. You can insert images as well as existing Insights you have marked in other articles.
  6. You can save an article as a draft by clicking the “Save Draft” button in the top right.
  7. To publish the article, click “Publish” in the top right.
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