How do I create a collection?

There are two ways to create a collection:

From your profile:

  1. Click on "Collections" on the profile navigation bar below your Cognitive Graph & profile image.
  2. On the far left below the profile navigation bar you will see a card with a green plus on it that says “Create A Collection”. Clicking that will open the create collection window.
  3. Fill out a collection title, brief description, and add any curators you would like to invite to work on the collection with you.
  4. Click “Create Collection” and it will now be ready for you to add content.

From the Chrome Extension:

  1. When adding content via the Chrome Extension you will have the option of adding it to a list of existing Collections or clicking the “Create a Collection” button at the top.
  2. Click this button and fill out a name to create the Collection.
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